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Microderm Scrub

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Our scrub has the finest grit we have ever seen in a powerful microdermabrasion scrub!

Did you know that our skin cells turn over every 28 days or so until age 30, and then it slows by about a day per year? That means however old you are, above age 30, is about how many days it now takes your skin cells to turn over. If you’re 40, it takes about 40 days instead of 28. If you’re 55, it takes about 55 days instead of 28, and so on. With extra days on the surface, your skin cells are exposed to extra UV rays, damaging their DNA. This damaged DNA then can get replicated when the cell finally gets around to turning over, and this is one reason our skin begins to look aged. Your skin likes that dead layer on top, so if you exfoliate regularly, your skin is forced to increase the rate of replication toward a more healthy number of days as in our youth.

Resurfacing and exfoliating ingredients in the Microdermabrasion Scrub increase/improve skin cell turnover rate to a more youthful number of days, and remove dead cells and debris from the skin’s surface to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Each use improves skin tone, texture, and elasticity, as non-abrasive exfoliation from pumice granules smooth dull, dry skin to a healthy, radiant finish.


Exfoliates deeply to improve dull or uneven skin color Perfect as once- or twice-a-week treatment

Contains powerful microdermabrasion resurfacing ingredients to remove dead cells and debris from the skin’s surface and increase/improve cell turnover rate

Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Diminishes the appearance of hyperpigmentation

Improves skin tone, texture, and elasticity by smoothing dull, dry skin with a non-abrasive exfoliation from pumice granules

Scavenges free radicals and protects skin cells from deterioration


  • Sugar Cane Extract
  • Lemon Fruit Extract
  • Apple Fruit Extract
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract


Apply to clean skin and massage over entire face and neck. Rinse with water and pat dry. Can be used two or three times weekly.